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Obsiblue is an exclusive product of Prestige Seafood, a company specialized in the distribution of high quality seafood products for restaurants and fishmongers. Available in several sizes and in 6 x 1 kg packaging which is specifically adapted to the needs of catering professionals, Obsiblue is distributed in France and abroad, in collaboration with high quality partners.

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Sustainability and quality


In 2002, the blue shrimp of New Caledonia received the Certified Quality Criteria (CQC) label, issued by the the ministry of agriculture and, in 2006, the exceptional prize of the International Test and Quality Industry (ITQI), awarded by top European chefs. The Obsiblue is at the top of the Caledonian aquaculture production; it is subject to particular care, like a great vintage.

As the largest food exporter of the island, and a creator of hundreds of jobs, significant source of revenue and pool of training for the people of the tribes, aquaculture is a key pillar for the development of New Caledonia.

Obsiblue’s 'extras'

•  A unique species in the world
•  A 100% natural product
•  An antibiotic-free breeding
• A feeding guaranteed without GMOs
• Traceability from the source to the final customer
• A guaranteed drained net weight 
• Quick and practical defrosting
• Five sizes generously calibrated 
• A reputed quality, even when raw (sashimi, sushi, tartar, carpaccio, etc.)


Prestige Seafood’s services

  • Orders taken from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
  • Customized delivery adapted to your needs
  • Guaranteed year-round supplies
  • Available in packs of 6 x 1 kg raw and frozen
  • A sales team available throughout France
  • A network of quality partners